Apple plans to open NFC and other permissions to the EU from March this year

According to a press release published by Apple, in order to comply with the relevant provisions of the European Union's Digital Market Act, the company plans to introduce a series of updates and changes for users in 27 EU countries starting in March 2024. These changes include sideloading, third-party app stores, and the introduction of non-WebKit-based browsers.

Apple NFC

For developers, Apple has announced that it will provide them with over 600 new APIs to further open up interaction with the iPhone's hardware and software. Currently, Apple has provided over 250,000 APIs to developers, giving them easy access to various features of the iPhone, such as: B. Camera, Microphone, Bluetooth, HealthKit, SiriKit and others.

According to the press release, developers can request access to more iPhone features and technologies depending on what they need for use in EU applications.

Apple says it will evaluate these interoperability requests on a case-by-case basis and may release more APIs in future iOS versions. However, these requests must be technically feasible and comply with the Digital Markets Act.

Apple has implemented a policy in the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway that allows third-party payment and wallet apps to access the iPhone's NFC chip, giving users an alternative to Apple Pay and Apple Wallet .

Apple's official press release reads as follows:

"In the EU, Apple will make several changes to iOS to comply with the DMA. For developers, these changes include new options for distributing apps. The changes to iOS in the EU include:

New options for distributing iOS apps through alternative app markets, including new APIs and tools that allow developers to make iOS apps available for download in app markets other than the App Store.

Create a new framework and API to replace the App Market. This allows Market developers to install apps and manage updates on behalf of other developers through their dedicated Market application.

New frameworks and APIs for alternative browser engines: Enable developers to use browser engines other than WebKit to deliver browser apps and apps that include in-app navigation experiences.

Interoperability Request Form - Developers can submit additional requests to make iPhone and iOS software and hardware features interoperable with each other.

Apple will also communicate the changes regarding contactless payments to comply with DMA regulations. The European Commission had already announced the news. The changes include new APIs that allow developers to use NFC technology in their banking and wallet applications within European economies. In the EU, Apple will introduce new controls that allow users to choose third-party contactless payment applications or alternative application markets by default. "

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