How does my battery last longer? Tips for saving battery: How to make your cell phone last longer

How does my battery last longer? Have you ever asked yourself this question? We'll tell you what you can do to make sure your smartphone lasts as long as possible!

1. Adjust screen brightness

Anyone who holds an iPhone or smartphone with Android in their hand also wants to recognize something on it. To avoid staring at the display with squinted eyes, the screen brightness should be set correctly. The highest setting may make sense in the blazing sun. However, if there is less light, less is enough because it saves a lot of electricity. It's best to tell your smartphone in the settings that it always selects the ideal screen brightness by itself. So you don't have to worry about anything and your smartphone will last significantly longer with its battery.

2. Turn off vibration and unnecessary sounds

Did you know: Vibrating uses more battery than a ringtone? If you can do without it, you should simply turn off the vibration. The same applies to unnecessary sounds, for example when typing or unlocking the cell phone.

3. Use energy saving mode

It doesn't matter whether you have an Android smartphone or one with iOS as the operating system, i.e. an iPhone: all of these devices offer an energy saving mode that helps your cell phone conserve battery life and achieve better battery life. The mode typically limits CPU usage and stops apps from working in the background. Location tracking is also often disabled. In addition, the energy saving mode usually reduces the screen brightness. So on the day e.g. T. up to four hours more battery life.

4. Turn off push notifications and background activity

Push notifications and the automatic updating of apps in the background also eat up energy. So reduce your push notifications to the bare minimum and turn off automatic updates.

5. Avoid games, videos and energy-consuming apps

Yes, it's fun to watch videos and play games on your phone. But: Both are huge energy guzzlers. Like possibly various other apps on your phone. So it's best to regularly check your cell phone settings to see which applications use a lot of energy and try to use them less - especially if the battery is already in critical range.

How long does a cell phone battery generally last?

The lifespan of batteries can vary completely from cell phone to cell phone and from type of use to type of use. In principle, however, a modern battery can already have lost 50% of its energy storage after around two years. However, you can slow down this wear and tear if you use your cell phone carefully and as described above.

However, always be aware: the longer you use your technical device (of course this also applies to laptops and other electronics with batteries), the weaker the battery becomes. It is and remains simply a commodity.

At Fonevent, used cell phones also have a good battery

Every cell phone that is sent to Fonevent is checked in detail by our experts . Of course, this also applies to the device batteries. If we resell a smartphone, then only if its battery has a remaining capacity of at least 80%. If this is not the case, the old battery will be replaced with a new one.

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