10 iPhone 14 innovations you may not know


As one of the most popular smartphones in the world, Apple's iPhone series has always been known for its excellent performance and innovative black technology. With the release of the iPhone 14 series, Apple is once again at the forefront of smartphone technology development. In this article, we introduce some innovative technologies in the iPhone 14 series that you may not know about - let us explore them together!

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1. Brand new Ultra Retina Display technology

The iPhone 14 series uses the new Super Retina display technology, taking resolution to a new level. This means that the images on the screen are clearer and more detailed and the colors appear more vivid and realistic. At the same time, Super Retina Display technology also significantly reduces energy consumption and extends battery life .

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2. Invisible optical fingerprint recognition technology

The Touch ID function of the iPhone 14 series has been completely updated and uses invisible optical fingerprint recognition technology. This technology allows fingerprint recognition through an optical sensor under the screen without the need for physical pressure. Users only need to lightly touch the screen with their fingers to quickly unlock the phone or make payments while ensuring greater security .

3. Intelligent sonic charging technology

The iPhone 14 series introduces smart sonic charging technology, an innovative wireless charging technology . By using sound waves to transmit energy, the phone can be charged at a certain distance from the charger without touching the charging base. This technology not only improves the convenience of charging, but also effectively solves the problem that charging cables are easily damaged.

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4. Holographic projection display technology

iPhone 14's holographic projection display technology offers users a new interactive experience . The phone is equipped with special sensors and projection modules that can project images into the sky in holographic form. Users can operate the projected image with gestures for a more intuitive interaction method. This technology has wide applications in areas such as gaming, virtual reality and education.

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5. Breakthroughs in biometric technology

The iPhone 14 series has made a major breakthrough in biometric technology. In addition to the traditional facial recognition function (Face ID), the new series also introduces retina recognition and voiceprint technologies . The combination of these technologies has significantly improved the security and accuracy of the iPhone 14 series, making users' privacy and data more secure.

6. Augmented Reality (AR) Improvements

The iPhone 14 series offers users an immersive virtual experience through augmented reality (AR) enhancements. Using advanced camera and sensor technology, users can overlay and interact with virtual objects in the real world. This technology has wide applications in areas such as gaming, shopping, education and practical tools.

7. Quantum transmission encryption technology

The iPhone 14 series introduces quantum transfer encryption technology, providing a higher level of data protection . Traditional encryption methods can be decrypted by the increasing computing power of computers, while quantum transfer encryption technology uses the principles of quantum physics to ensure the unbreakability of information transmission. This makes users' communication and data more secure, effectively preventing hacker interference and information leaks.

8. Electromagnetic radiation suppression technology

In order to pay attention to the health and safety of users, the iPhone 14 series uses advanced electromagnetic radiation suppression technology. By optimizing antenna design and signal processing algorithms, mobile phones can reduce the level of electromagnetic radiation and reduce the potential impact on the human body. This technology ensures the safety and comfort of users when communicating.

9. Self-healing screen technology

The iPhone 14 series screens use self-healing screen technology that can automatically repair small scratches and scuffs . This technology is based on self-healing materials that rearrange and repair themselves when the screen is slightly damaged, returning the screen to its original state. This makes the iPhone screen more durable and extends its lifespan .

10. Flight gesture recognition technology

The iPhone 14 series introduces flight gesture recognition technology, allowing users to control various functions of the phone through gestures. The combination of sensors and algorithms allows mobile phones to recognize users' gestures such as sliding, fisting and pinching, enabling more intuitive and natural interaction.


The release of the iPhone 14 series is further evidence of Apple's innovative strength as a market leader in smartphones. From Super Retina display technology to holographic projection display, from invisible optical fingerprint recognition to intelligent sonic charging technology, iPhone 14 series brings users a more convenient, safer and more amazing experience. There is no doubt that the emergence of these innovative technologies will further advance the development of smartphone technology. We are full of expectations for future smartphones! Fonevent is currently offering €20 discounts on the iPhone 14 collection . All our products are carefully checked by experts, like new and without contract. Visit Fonevent to find out more.

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