iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 14, which is more worth buying?

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Merry Christmas. As an annual festival of large-scale discounts, changing mobile phones has become the first choice for most people. Should I buy the iPhone 13 or the iPhone 14 ? What is more worth buying?

First of all, we should look at the comparison between iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 , which one should I choose?

This question should be answered based on your usage needs. Due to the small upgrade of iPhone 14, there is no way to draw direct conclusions by comparing hardware parameters and price differences. In general, the iPhone 14 offers some advantages in terms of user experience, but the iPhone 13 has a price advantage and is not bad to use. The choice depends on which phone best suits your needs.

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The pros and cons of the iPhone 14 are:

Advantage: The A15 has a 5-core GPU chip , which offers better performance in gaming and photography as well as slightly longer battery life;

The lighting engine of the rear main camera ensures better recording details and better color performance;

The TrueDepth front camera supports autofocus, which speeds up selfie taking and provides a better experience. It has 6 running memories and can open more software. It can be used longer with system software upgrades and large-scale mobile games run more smoothly;

The car accident detection feature helps you proactively call for help in the event of a car accident;

Disadvantages: The price is more expensive than iPhone 13, and the price-performance ratio is not high.

The pros and cons of the iPhone 13 are:

Advantages: The appearance is the same as the iPhone 14 body, there are no big differences in performance and experience, and the price of each version is cheaper ;

Cons: Given insufficient battery life for advanced systems, image editing software, and large-scale mobile game upgrades, it's the difference of 2GB less RAM.

So, which is more worth buying, the iPhone 13 or the iPhone 14? That depends on your needs.

If you play a lot of heavy mobile games, the iPhone 14's five-core A15 GPU chip and 6G memory will provide a better experience;

If you want your phone to last longer while upgrading your system, software, and games, the iPhone 14's 6G storage is better;

If you want to achieve better selfies, photos and video recording effects, the lighting engine of the rear main camera of iPhone 14 + the TrueDepth front camera supports autofocus, which is undoubtedly better.

If you only use it for general purposes or your budget is not enough and you want to buy a mobile phone with high performance, good photography and a pure and smooth software system, then iPhone 13 is enough for you, and it is also more cost-effective. In this case, it is better to choose iPhone13, most of the current mobile games can also be played, but it may be a little more difficult to play mobile games on a large scale after system and later game upgrades. step, but there are no further problems.

The current price for a high-quality, used iPhone 14 128 GB is around €700. The price of a used iPhone 14 128GB sold on the Fonevent website is just over €600, and there is also a €15 Christmas discount. If your budget is limited, choosing high-quality used items is also delicious!

Okay, that's it for this edition, thanks everyone for reading. The next edition will introduce the iPhone 14 vs. iPhone 13 Pro. How should you decide?

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