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frequently asked Questions

Is the Fonevent phone original?

All Fonevent devices are original and genuine. All Fonevent collection goes through a 40-step technical process to ensure you receive your phone in perfect, working condition. All devices have been refurbished by Fonevent and also include a 24-month comprehensive warranty and a 30-day return policy.

Does the Fonevent cell phone come with a charger?

All Fonevent devices come with a charging cable and a tool for ejecting the SIM card. You can purchase a power plug from Fonevent at checkout to connect your charging cable to a power outlet.

What is the battery capacity of the device?

The battery capacity of our iPhones is usually between 90% and 98%. We guarantee that the capacity of all cell phone batteries received is over 85%. Beyond this percentage, Apple assumes that the battery is in optimal condition.