We are Fonevent – ​​the pioneer for renewed technology

Fonevent is a leading electronics recycling company operating in both the online and offline markets. We are committed to providing each customer with the highest level of customer service possible. We set the highest and strictest standards for quality control of electronic products. Every device goes through a 74-step inspection process, during which both the functionality of the smartphone and the cosmetic condition are checked by our own professionals.

The Fone Event Story

Fonevent is mainly for the DACH market. With the Hong Kong office, our international reach now extends to Hong Kong, Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa and other regions. As we grow, we will continue to export our domestic technological innovations, replicate platform capabilities and support overseas business partners to promote more efficient circulation of used electronic products around the world. This will extend the life cycles of used equipment and contribute to a more sustainable development of the industry worldwide.

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Global plan

Asia: Hong Kong SAR, Japan, South Korea, Dubai, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Myanmar
Europe: France, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom
North America: United States
South America: Brazil

First used, then earned new life

In over 70 steps, a used device is checked in detail by experts and professionally renewed. Then it works just like one from the factory. We are committed to earning second life for all used products with 100% inspection.

- Examination of appearance;
- Internal functional test;
- Functional testing of the hardware;
- Checking the component parameters;
- Complete cleaning of the device;
- And standard storage.

The first-class products with the best price-performance for you

Fonevent continuously optimizes the processes between our dealers and our customers. Our own quality assurance team works closely with retailers to ensure they deliver top quality.

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What drives us

Giving used equipment a new life

Fonevent is committed to building a global used electronics trading platform that gives new life to used devices and turns waste into treasure.

Shaping green consumption

Fonevent is committed to encouraging more consumers to buy used devices instead of new ones.

Offer the best customer services

Fonevent is dedicated to providing the most convenient and efficient customer services in the used device space.

Protect the environment well

As a responsible company, Fonevent device insists on recycling and processing abandoned used devices, which can prevent grounding electronic pollution.

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