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Extended warranty service

Extended warranty service

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iPhone 11 FAQ

Is iPhone 11 from Fonevent original?

All Fonevent devices are original and genuine. All Fonevent collection goes through a 40-step technical process to ensure you receive your phone in perfect, working condition. All devices have been refurbished by Fonevent and also include a 24-month comprehensive warranty and a 30-day return policy.

Does Fonevent iPhone 11 come with a charger?

All Fonevent devices come with a charging cable and a tool for ejecting the SIM card. You can purchase a power plug from Fonevent at checkout to connect your charging cable to a power outlet.

What is the battery capacity of iPhone 11?

The battery capacity of our iPhone 11 is usually between 90% and 98%. We guarantee that the capacity of all cell phone batteries received is over 85%. Beyond this percentage, Apple assumes that the battery is in optimal condition. About battery saving tips , see our blog.

Does the iPhone 11 have dual SIM?

Yes, the iPhone 11 has dual SIM functionality. However, it doesn't have two physical SIM card slots, but rather a built-in eSIM and a nano-SIM slot . As usual, you insert your mobile provider's SIM card into the latter. If necessary, you can then use the eSIM card to activate a second phone number or, for example, a data plan abroad so that you don't fall into a cost trap when traveling.

Does the iPhone 11 have 5G?

The iPhone 11 does not yet have the appropriate hardware to connect to the super-fast 5G network that will be rolled out in Europe in the 2020s. iPhone 11 users still don't have to go without mobile series streaming. The iPhone 11 is of course suitable for the 4G LTE network .

Does the iPhone 11 have wireless charging?

With a QI charging mat, the iPhone 11 can also be charged wirelessly . Simply connect the charging mat to a socket and place it in the place where you would like to have your iPhone 11 to hand. Whether that is the desk, the shelf or the bedside table is up to you. Simply place the cell phone there with the glass back facing down and it will start charging.

Is the iPhone 11 waterproof?

According to its IP68 certification, the iPhone 11 can withstand up to two meters of water for 30 minutes . This shows: Apple has given the iPhone 11 a very durable casing.

Please note: An iPhone's water and dust protection is not permanent and may deteriorate over time due to wear and tear. Therefore, liquid damage is not covered by Apple's warranty terms . Our warranty policy also does not cover liquid damage.

Which iPhone could I buy as an alternative to the iPhone 11?

For example, the previous model iPhone XR (buy here) comes into question. Externally, the two are like one egg to another. It can also do a lot of things that the iPhone 11 can do - only a little worse. It doesn't run quite as fast and the battery doesn't last quite as long. The XR's camera also only has one lens, meaning it's hard to achieve depth of field. If you have a little more money and buy the iPhone 11 Pro , you will get the next level of development. For the higher price you get three camera lenses and therefore an even larger focal length and depth of field range. The OLED display on the 11 Pro also displays colors even more brilliantly and with greater contrast.